Casework and Assistance

If you need assistance with a government agency, my staff and I can help. My staff can answer basic questions, point constituents in the right direction, or work with the agency in question to resolve the constituent's case. Some of the federal agencies that we interact with on a regular basis include the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Administration, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the Small Business Administration.

Casework Examples

See examples of the casework we have done pertaining to immigration, asylum and family reunification, adoption, travel and more.

We Can Help Find the Right People to Help You

Sometimes my office can provide all of the information you need with a single phone call. Often a constituent is not sure what agency or division they should contact regarding their case and simply want guidance. In this age of automation, it can often be frustrating locating the right person in the right department. We can eliminate some of that frustration by putting you in touch with the appropriate agency contact.

We Can Work on Your Behalf

If the issue cannot be resolved that simply, my staff members can upon your request contact the agency in question to gather additional information about your situation. This sometimes requires that you provide written permission to the staff member handling your case. For your convenience, we have prepared a Standard Privacy Release Form that, if necessary, can be completed and sent to the staff member handling your case. If you have an immigration-related issue, please complete the Immigration Privacy Release Form.

Privacy Release Forms