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News Items by Date

Here you will find press releases, floor statements, articles and opinion pieces organized in chronological order.

Inquiries from press officials should be directed to Communications Director Alison Mills at 617-621-6208.


2/5 Statement: Congressional Caucus on Sudan and South Sudan Joint Statement on South Sudan’s Failure to Form a Unity Government


11/24 Op-Ed: Narrow window to advance South Sudan peace
11/17 Rep. Capuano Statement on Syrian Refugees
9/25 Rep. Capuano Statement on the Resignation of John Boehner
9/11 Rep. Capuano Statement on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
7/14 Rep. Capuano Statement on Iran
7/9 Bipartisan Coalition Introduces Bill to Promote Peace, Stability in South Sudan
6/25 Capuano and Goodlatte: Department of Education Pivots on College Ratings Plan
6/11 Rep. Mike Capuano Statement on Iraq
6/5 Capuano, Garrett Introduce Bill to Limit Fed’s Bailout Authority
5/21 Capuano, Sensenbrenner File Legislation Giving Consumers More Control over Their Vehicle’s “Black Box”
2/26 Op-ed: College ratings plan not the answer
2/13 Capuano Introduces Subsidy Reserve Act
1/22 Capuano Named Ranking Member of Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines and Hazardous Materials
1/21 Rep. Capuano and Senator Menendez Reintroduce Shareholder Protection Act
1/14 Capuano, Goodlatte: College Ratings Plan Not the Answer
1/7 Statement on White House Announcement Regarding FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium


12/10 Statement from Congressman Capuano on House Passage of TRIA
12/02 Statement: Green Line Extension
10/31 Statement: Medicaid Agreement is a Bad Deal for Massachusetts
10/30 Statement on the Passing of Thomas M. Menino
07/29 Bipartisan Group of House Members Introduce Resolution on South Sudan
07/23 Joint Statement on Sudan With Members of Congressional Caucus on Sudan and South Sudan
06/10 Reps. Capuano and Goodlatte: College Ratings System Misguided
06/06 Rep. Capuano Commemorates D-Day in Normandy
05/13 Capuano, Markey, Warren, and Lynch Applaud Funding for Boston Harbor Improvement Project
03/20 Co-Chairs of Congressional Caucus on Sudan and South Sudan Call for Action on South Sudan Violence
03/04 Statement on Inclusion of the Green Line Extension in the President’s FY 2015 Budget
02/27 Reps. Capuano and Maffei File National First Responder Day Bill


12/19 Sudan and South Sudan Caucus Statement on Escalating Violence
09/19 Testimony before the Financial Services Committee on the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA)
09/05 Op-Ed: Not Convinced Military Action Against Syria Is The Answer
06/30 DOT Begins Implementing Rep. Capuano Tunnel Inspection Program
06/18 Reps. Capuano and Sensenbrenner File Legislation Giving Consumers More Control over Their Vehicle’s “Black Box”
06/13 Reps. Capuano and Jones File Legislation Giving Users the Right to Say No To Being Watched by their Own TV
06/04 Rep. Capuano Files Officer Sean Collier Campus Police Recognition Act
05/29 Op-ed: Obamacare is facing death by a thousand cuts
05/23 10-Year Extension of Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Introduced in the House
04/29 Congressman Capuano Hosts Open House in New Randolph Office
04/25 Rep. Capuano and Sen. Menendez Reintroduce Shareholder Protection Act
04/17 Massachusetts Congressional Delegation Introduces Resolution on Boston Marathon Attacks
03/27 Rep. Mike Capuano Applauds New FHFA Mortgage Modification Program
03/14 Waters and Capuano Reintroduce Bill to Strengthen Federal Housing Administration
03/10 Op-Ed: A decade on, Sudan threatens to repeat the tragedy of Darfur
02/14 GAO Releases Report Requested by Sen. Johnson and Rep. Capuano on the Devastating Impacts of the Financial Crisis and Potential Effects of Dodd-Frank
01/30 Capuano To File Legislation Protecting Social Security Numbers
01/24 Capuano Refiles Bill Making it Illegal to Sell Inaugural Tickets
01/23 Rep. Michael Capuano Named to House Committee on Ethics
01/08 Reps. Capuano, Welch and Gutierrez Condemn AIG for Contemplating Suing the Federal Government


12/03 Ranking Member Capuano releases Addendum to Majority Staff Report on MF Global
11/29 Reps. Frank and Capuano Introduce Legislation to Merge the SEC and CFTC
11/28 Federal Building to be Named in Honor of Former House Speaker Thomas P. "Tip" O’Neill, Jr.
11/16 Statement of Congressman Mike Capuano on the MF Global Majority Staff Report
07/27 Sudan Caucus Co-Chairs Call for Release of Rudwan Dawod
07/09 Rep. Mike Capuano statement on the First Anniversary of South Sudan’s Independence
06/29 House Passes Conference Report Reauthorizing Transportation Spending
06/28 Rep. Capuano statement on Supreme Court decision upholding Affordable Care Act
06/22 Op-Ed: Time for 'adult conversation' on Somerville Green Line Extension
06/20 Op-Ed: It should not be this difficult
03/06 Statement on the Passing of Congressman Donald Payne
01/30 Congressman Capuano Awarded Order of Merit of the Italian Republic
01/18 Capuano Urges SEC to Take Action Regarding Citizens United Decision


12/15 Op-Ed: A way forward on the Green Line Extension
11/10 Sudan Caucus Statement on Refugee Camp Bombing
11/10 Congressman Capuano Hosts Community Meeting
10/26 Mass. Congressional Delegation Members Urge Expedited Processing of Already Approved Haitian Immigration Petitions
10/21 Congressman Capuano Hosts Telephone Community Meetings
10/20 Statement Regarding the Death of Gadhafi
07/13 Rep. Capuano and Sen. Menendez Announce Filing of Shareholder Protection Act
07/08 Congressman Capuano Statement on South Sudan Independence
06/29 Congressman Capuano Introduces Legislation Giving Consumers More Control Over Their Car's "Black Boxes"
06/22 Massachusetts House Delegation Honors Stanley Cup Winners the Boston Bruins With Congressional Resolution
06/21 Capuano Introduces Legislation to Create a Nationwide Highway Tunnel Inspection Program
06/03 Capuano Supports Obama Administration Efforts to Increase Disclosure of Political Contributions by Government Contractors
05/30 Congressmen Payne And Capuano Deplore Recent Violence In Abyei
04/20 Congressman Capuano Lauds FAA Final Rule on Passenger Protections as Positive First Step
03/15 Rep. Capuano Thanks Secretary LaHood for Northeast Corridor High Speed Rail Designation
02/15 Congressman Capuano Introduces Baggage Fee Fairness Act
01/21 Statement on Southern Sudan's Referendum to Create Own Country


12/01 House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Sudan Divestment
11/30 U.S. House of Representatives Names Jamaica Plain Post Office after Lcpl. Arredondo
09/29 Resolution on the Importance of Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement Passes in the House
09/22 Government Accountability Office (GAO) Releases Report on Sudan Divestment
07/30 Capuano Introduces Legislation Establishing a Grant Program on Teen Driver Safety
07/29 Statement on Committee Passage of the Shareholder Protection Act
06/30 Statement on the passage of the Conference Report on the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
05/25 Capuano Introduces Baggage Fee Fairness Act
05/17 Elections not for sale
03/17 Capuano and Cleaver: Municipal Bonds to be Rated with Fairness
03/10 Op-Ed: Ethics process is working
02/19 Congressman Capuano Travels to Haiti
02/03 Letter to President Obama regarding use of TARP funds
01/28 Capuano Praises Obama Announcement on Using TARP to Create Jobs
01/28 Capuano Introduces Legislation in Response to Supreme Court Citizens United Ruling
01/22 Capuano Urges Administration to Stop TARP Recipients from Paying Out Big Bonuses
01/08 Statement on Sudan: the Fifth Anniversary of the Signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement


12/4 Capuano Renews Call for Job Creation with TARP Funds
12/1 Capuano Joins Patrick Kennedy and Jim Langevin in Calling For Credit Card Reform
11/19 Statement from Congressman Mike Capuano on the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act
11/15 Capuano Calls on President Obama to Create Jobs with TARP Funds
11/13 MA AFL-CIO Thanks Congressman Capuano for Standing up for Health Care Act
11/07 Statement on the Affordable Health Care for America Act
10/21 Statement on New White House Policy on Sudan
06/12 Digital TV Transition
05/07 House Committee Holds Hearing on Congressman Capuano's Hedge Fund Bill
04/30 Capuano Introduces Legislation to Create a Nationwide Highway Tunnel Inspection Program
03/31 Congressman Capuano Hosts Telephone Community Meetings
03/05 Capuano, Markey Meet with House Speaker, President to Discuss Afghanistan
03/05 Statement Regarding the Indictment of Sudan President Omar al Bashir
01/27 Capuano, Castle Bill Would Improve Oversight of Hedge Funds
01/22 Capuano Provisions Included in TARP Accountability Act


11/17 Regarding The Presidential Inauguration
10/21 Statement on the Future of Financial Services Regulation
10/17 Congressman Mike Capuano Holds Economic Roundtable
09/15 Capuano Raises Concerns about the Fed's Recent Actions to Stabilize Financial Markets
07/24 Capuano's Amendment Establishing a Nationwide Highway Tunnel Inspection Program Passes in House
07/09 Statement Regarding Inaccurate Republican Assertions over Video Posting
06/16 Capuano Calls for Additional Helicopters to Support Peacekeeping Efforts in Darfur
05/20 Capuano Holds Telephone Community Meeting
04/09 Capuano Files Resolution Calling on President Bush to Boycott Olympics Opening Ceremony Due to China's Inaction on Darfur
04/02 Capuano Named Chair Of Subcommittee On Capitol Security
03/26 Congressman Capuano to hold Telephone Community Meeting
03/11 Statement on the Passage of H.Res. 895, Establishing an Independent Office of Congressional Ethics
03/10 Summary of H. Res. 895: Establishing an Office of Congressional Ethics
03/05 Op-Ed: Time to Pass an Ethics Reform Bill With an Independent Board
02/12 Rep. Mike Capuano Urges China to Take Greater Action on Darfur
01/22 Legislation to Create a Nationwide Highway Tunnel Inspection Program Passes House


12/19 Capuano Releases Report of the Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement
11/06 Resolution Honoring World Champion Boston Red Sox Introduced in the House
09/10 Statement of Mike Capuano on General Petraeus' Report and the War in Iraq
08/17 Statement of Mike Capuano on the Department of Transportation Office of the Inspector General's Report
08/09 Co-Chairs of the Congressional Caucus on Sudan Statement Regarding PetroChina IPO
08/02 Capuano's Legislation to Create a Nationwide Highway Tunnel Inspection Program Passes in Committee
07/10 Statement Regarding the National Transportation Safety Board's Final Report on the Big Dig Ceiling Panel Collapse
06/18 Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension Introduced in the House
05/17 Capuano Introduces Legislation to Expand Protection for "Look-Alike" Health Centers
04/20 Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement Focuses on Flawed System
04/20 Capuano Introduces Legislation to Help Severely Disabled Federal Employees
03/23 Capuano's Statement on Iraq and H.R. 1591: the Iraq Accountability Act of 2007
02/16 Capuano Files Legislation Granting Consumers More Control Over Their Car's "Black Box"
02/08 Capuano Named to Committee on House Administration
01/31 Pelosi Appoints Capuano Chairman of Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement
01/11 Capuano Files Legislation to Create a Nationwide Highway Tunnel Inspection Program


11/13 Pelosi Appoints Capuano as Head of the Day-to-Day Transition for House Democrats
07/18 Department of Transportation's Office of the Inspector General Agrees to Oversee Full Review of the Big Dig
07/14 NTSB Agrees to Investigate Big Dig Accident, Sends Team to Boston
07/13 Congressman Capuano, Massachusetts Delegation Ask NTSB to Investigate Big Dig Accident
07/05 Capuano Calls on President Bush to Appoint Special Envoy to Sudan
06/29 House Funds Capuano's Initiative to Help Young Witnesses
06/15 Reps. Capuano and Bono File Bill to Protect Auto Owners' Privacy
06/13 Capuano Works to Increase Funding for Darfur Peacekeeping
05/23 Reps. Mike Capuano and Mike Turner Establish Congressional Former Mayors Caucus
05/04 A message from Congressman Capuano regarding H. Res. 543 and the war in Iraq
04/30 Statement From Congressman Capuano on the Save Darfur National Rally to Stop Genocide
04/27 Congressman Mike Capuano to Speak at the Save Darfur National Rally to Stop Genocide
04/06 Statement Regarding the Passage of H.R. 3127: the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act
03/16 Capuano Seeks More Funding for Darfur Peacekeeping in Appropriations Bill Amendment
03/07 Op-ed by Rep. Michael E. Capuano: U.S. must work to halt Darfur genocide
03/07 Statement of Congressman Mike Capuano After Meeting With UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Ambassador John Bolton About the Genocide in Darfur
02/27 Congressman Capuano Travels to Africa, Stops in Khartoum, Darfur
01/05 Congressman Mike Capuano Will Host Online Community Meeting


12/19 Initiative To Help Young Witnesses Approved in House
11/18 Statement on Republican-Sponsored Bill H.R. 4241: the Deficit Reduction Act
11/03 Capuano Files Bill to Help Disabled Workers
10/31 Congressman Capuano Questions U.S. Policy in Sudan
10/21 Op-ed in Boston Herald: No vote for open-ended involvement in Iraq
10/19 Congressman Mike Capuano Establishes Bi-Partisan Congressional Caucus on Sudan
10/14 Congressman Mike Capuano Returns From Visit to Iraq
10/13 Congressman Mike Capuano Hosts Online Community Meeting
09/29 Rep. Capuano's Amendment To Help Young Witnesses Passes in House
07/29 Federal Transportation Funding for Mass., to Increase 25 Percent to $5.23 Billion
07/28 Capuano Introduces Legislation to Teach Children about Safety
07/27 Capuano Co-Sponsors Bill Expanding Access to Drug Treatment
06/24 Capuano Works to Find Additional Funding for REACH Program
05/25 Administration Must Embrace Scientific Research: Capuano Supports Stem Cell Act
05/13 Capuano Raises Concerns About Change in Appeals Process for Medicare Beneficiaries
05/12 Republicans Remove COPS From Our Streets
05/05 Paying for an Undergraduate Education: Capuano Hosts Forum
04/12 Capuano Calls on Pension Boards to Divest From Sudan
03/11 $5.1 Billion in Federal Transportation Funding Coming to Massachusetts
03/11 Capuano Calls For Independent Oversight for B.U. Biolab
03/09 Capuano, Colleagues Seek Extension of Terrorism Risk Insurance Program
02/25 Bush Budget Cuts Will Devastate Affordable Housing in Bay State
Capuano Visits Middle East
01/19 1,000th Day of Detention for Prisoner of Conscience in China


11/23 Somerville Awaits $5 Million in Project Funding
11/23 Cambridge Awaits $2+ Million in Project Funding
11/19 Boston Red Sox Honored by House of Representatives
10/08 "A Long Line of Broken Promises" from Bank of America
09/29 Terrorism Insurance Bill Containing Key Capuano Amendment Passes Financial Services Committee
09/23 Capuano Demands Action, Forces Debate on Affordable Housing Trust Fund
08/31 Capuano Honors the Late Congressman Moakley at Roxbury Community College
07/19 Capuano Joins Ralph Cooper at African American Summit
07/19 Capuano Calls for Pools to Remain Open
07/08 Capuano Introduces Bill to Extend Terrorism Insurance
06/25 Capuano Introduces Legislation to Streamline the Visas Mantis Program
05/20 Capuano Questions HUD Secretary's Commitment to Affordable Housing
05/20 Capuano Blasts Massport's Demand Management Plan
04/16 Massachusetts Delegation Calls on HUD to Fund Section 8 the Way Congress Intended
04/02 Capuano Announces $4.8 Billion in Federal Transportation Funding for Massachusetts
03/23 Congressman Capuano Receives National Award for Community Health Care
02/27 Capuano Honored for Intergenerational Housing Initiatives
02/25 State Transportation Gridlock Threatens Economic Future
02/06 Capuano Vision Rehabilitation Services Provision Passes Congress


12/09 Housing Bill Passes Congress With Capuano Intergenerational Housing Provisions
11/21 Statement in Opposition to the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill
10/17 House Floor Remarks Addressing Supplemental Appropriations Bill for Iraq
10/01 Housing Legislation Containing Capuano Amendment Passes House
09/22 Statement Regarding the Dangers of Mercury Pollution
09/09 Capuano Protests Attorney General's Defense of USA Patriot Act
09/02 Somerville Names Early Childhood Center in Honor of Capuano
07/16 Capuano Resolution Condemning Slavery in Sudan Passes in House
06/26 Statement Regarding the Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernization Act
06/25 Capuano Introduces Legislation to Help Those Raising Their Grandchildren
06/12 Capuano Resolution Condemning Slavery in Sudan Passes in Committee
06/05 Capuano Condemns Chinese Government For Treatment of Dr. Yang Jianli
06/04 Capuano Resolution Condemning Slavery in Sudan Passes in Subcommittee
05/29 Capuano Probes Selection of Minute Man Park as "Endangered Place"
05/22 Housing Legislation with Capuano Amendment Passes Financial Services Cmte.
05/20 Capuano Calls on Bush and SBA to Assist Businesses Impacted by SARS
05/09 Capuano Introduces Legislation to Help Alleviate Nursing Shortage
05/09 Capuano Blasts Republican Tax Plan
05/01 Capuano Files Legislation to Help Seniors Maintain Independence
04/16 Statement Regarding War in Iraq
04/11 Capuano Files Legislation to Assist Young Witnesses
04/10 Capuano Files Resolution Condemning Slavery in Sudan
03/27 Capuano Files "Mobilized Reserve Family Health Care Act of 2003"
03/24 National Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. Honors Capuano
03/20 Statement Regarding War with Iraq
03/14 Capuano Urges Additional Funding for Community Health Centers
02/20 Capuano Returns from Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan
02/12 Capuano Travels to Afghanistan and Middle East; Will Meet US Troops
02/06 Capuano Introduces Empowerment Zone Flexibility Legislation
02/04 Capuano's Staff Schedules Office Hours
01/22 Capuano Establishes Congressional Caucus on Korea

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12/23 Farewell Letter to Beacon Hill Constituents
12/23 Farewell Letter to Belmont Constituents
12/23 Farewell Letter to Watertown Constituents
12/16 Capuano Reappointed to House Steering and Policy Committee
11/01 Capuano Receives High Marks From the League of Conservation Voters
10/23 Capuano Tours Dom Savio Preparatory High School in East Boston
10/17 Capuano Condemns Chinese Government For Treatment of Dr. Yang Jianli
10/15 House Floor Remarks Recognizing National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
10/11 Statement: Why I opposed the Iraq Resolution
10/11 Capuano Announces $30 Million for Empowerment Zones; $2 Million for Boston EZ
10/10 Capuano Urges Action on Housing Legislation
10/10 House Floor Remarks Recognizing National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
10/09 House Floor Remarks Addressing the Iraq Resolution
10/01 House Floor Remarks Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month
10/01 House Floor Remarks Supporting Health Care Safety Net Improvement Act
10/02 Capuano Meets With Allston-Brighton Constituents
09/27 Capuano Listens to Constituents About Iraq
09/23 Capuano Listens to Constituents About Iraq
08/01 Statement Regarding Possible Take-Over of FleetBoston Financial Corp
07/26 Capuano Receives Subcommittee Assignments
07/17 Letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft Regarding Our Civil Liberties
06/27 Capuano Named to House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
05/16 House Floor Remarks Recognizing National Hospital Week
05/07 Capuano Introduces Legislation to Alleviate the Nursing Shortage
04/24 Capuano Attaches Public Representation Amendment to H.R. 3763
03/20 Capuano Introduces LEGACY Act: Affordable Housing for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
02/07 Capuano Hosts Mattapan Community Meeting
01/14 Capuano to Visit Veronica Smith Senior Center

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12/21 Capuano Secures Technology Money for Roxbury Community College
12/20 Capuano, Kennedy and Kerry Secure Funding for Local Projects
12/07 Capuano, Kennedy and Kerry Announce Funding for Transportation Projects
11/16 Capuano, Kennedy and Kerry Secure Funding for Projects to Help Local Youth and Families
11/01 Capuano Files Legislation to Aid Victims of Anthrax Attacks
09/12 House Floor Remarks Regarding Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001
08/15 Short-Sightedness on Stem Cell Research
08/08 Capuano Condemns HUD Budget Cuts
07/27 Capuano Introduces Empowerment Zone Flexibility Legislation
06/28 Capuano and Frank Announce Progress on Muddy River Funding
06/27 Capuano Files Legislation to Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence
05/10 Capuano and Neal Honor Irish Hunger Strikers
03/30 Capuano Voices Concerns as Republican Budget Passes House
03/29 Capuano Files Bill to Provide Refundable Military Tax Credit
03/27 Capuano Files Legislation to Assist Young Witnesses
03/19 Capuano Urges Additional Funding for Community Health Centers
03/08 Capuano Calls on Olympic Committee to Consider Human Rights Records of Host Countries
03/07 No Child Left Behind? Check The Math
03/01 Capuano Questions Bush Budget Priorities
02/08 Capuano Named to House Budget Committee
01/22 Capuano Announces National Park Service Partnership to Protect Mystic River Watershed
01/11 Capuano Named to House Steering and Policy Committee

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10/24 House Passes Capuano Resolution In Support of Italian American Heritage Month
10/20 Capuano Hosts Service Academy Seminar
10/06 Capuano, Kennedy and Kerry Secure Additional Urban Ring Funding
09/19 Capuano Joins Colleagues on Capitol Hill in Urging Action on Heating Oil
07/27 Capuano Offers Fiscally Responsible Alternative to Republican Social Security Tax Plan
07/20 Capuano Sponsors Briefing on Status of Community Health Centers
06/09 Capuano Testifies in Support of Empowerment Zones
05/24 Capuano Hosts Watertown Community Meeting
05/23 Statement: Why I Oppose Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China
04/10 Capuano and Somerville Group Focus on Tibet and Colombia for Get on the Bus Day of Action
04/07 Homeownership Bill Containing Key Capuano Amendments Passes House
03/14 Capuano Amendments Pass House Banking Committee
02/16 Capuano asks NASA to Consult Residents When Devising Airplane Noise Reduction Projects
02/15 Capuano Urges Administration to Respond to Home Heating Oil Crisis
01/21 Capuano Praises FAA Announcement on Runway 14/32
01/10 Gephardt Joins Capuano and Moakley at Mass General Hospital for Children

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1999 Press Releases

11/17 Senators Kennedy and Kerry, Rep. Capuano Announce Grant Funding
11/09 Capuano Elected Freshman Class President
10/28 House Floor Remarks in Celebration of Italian-American Heritage Month
10/26 Capuano Welcomes Dr. Steven Niemi Before The Technology Subcommittee
10/21 House Floor Remarks Regarding the Juvenile Witness Protection Act
09/24 Capuano, Kennedy and Kerry Secure Additional Urban Ring Funding
09/24 Capuano Hosts Service Academy Seminar
09/15 Capuano Files Legislation to Help Vision Impaired Seniors Maintain Independence
09/10 Capuano Announces Vision Rehabilitation Legislation
09/10 Science Committee Approves Capuano Amendment in Networking R&D Act
09/09 Capuano Condemns Violence in East Timor
09/08 Capuano Condemns Housing Budget Cuts
09/02 Funding Awarded To Commence Urban Ring Draft Environmental Impact Statement
08/03 Capuano Opposes HUD Cuts
07/22 Capuano Amendment Creating International Rape Counseling Program Passes House
07/07 Capuano Testifies Against Fleet Bank/BankBoston Merger
07/01 Capuano Receives Additional Subcommittee Assignment
06/17 Capuano Urges President to Assist Kosovar Rape Victims
06/16 Capuano Offers Amendment to Juvenile Justice Bill
05/28 Capuano, Kennedy and Kerry Hail $500,000 for Environmental Cleanups in Somerville
05/27 Capuano Hosts Symposium on Environmental Justice
05/26 Capuano Co-sponsors Asthma Awareness Act
05/24 Capuano Announces Introduction of Legislation to Protect Young Witnesses
05/08 Capuano Will Walk With Letter Carrier to "Stamp Out Hunger"
05/07 Capuano Tours Cambridge Schools to Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week
04/30 Capuano Testifies in Support of Community Health Centers
04/29 Capuano, Cuomo, Members of Congress Announce Strategy to Protect Affordable Housing
04/26 Capuano Commemorates Anniversary of Armenian Genocide
04/16 Capuano, Kerry and Kennedy Announce $225,000 COPS Grant to Cambridge
04/07 Capuano Asks EPA to Oppose Runway 14/32
04/06 Capuano and Somerville Group Urge Release of Political Prisoners in Tibet
04/02 Capuano Commemorates Greek Independence Day
03/25 Capuano to Visit 8th District Neighborhoods During Upcoming District Work Period
03/10 The Burden of Proof is on Massport
03/09 Capuano Hosts Open House
03/02 Capuano Sponsors Legislation Protecting Consumers from Credit Card Abuses
02/24 Capuano Participates in Boston Private Industry Council's "Job Shadow Day"
02/11 Capuano Testifies in Support of the Urban Ring
01/29 Capuano Receives Subcommittee Assignments, Opens District Office
01/20 Capuano Announces Sponsorship of First Pieces of Legislation

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