Medicaid Agreement Is A Bad Deal for Massachusetts

October 31, 2014

"The recently announced Medicaid Waiver for Massachusetts is a bad deal for the Commonwealth and its residents. While this agreement will work for the first three years, it creates a dangerous and potentially devastating fiscal cliff for our hospitals, particularly those that serve our most vulnerable populations, and places the entire Massachusetts health insurance program in jeopardy starting in 2017".

"I applaud the efforts of Secretary Polanowicz and his team they got us to the 10 yard line against heavy odds. However, I am truly disappointed that the Obama Administration would willingly jeopardize our first-in-the-nation health care system upon which the President based his legacy legislative accomplishment. I am especially disappointed because the Administration funded similar waivers for the full five-year period in other states, including Texas whose governor, state legislature, and majority of members of Congress continue to oppose everything associated with the Affordable Care Act. I find such disparate treatment incomprehensible and troubling".

"The current agreement simply kicks the issue down the road and leaves our Commonwealth at the mercy of the next President and the next Governor, and could greatly increase cost to the ratepayers. This outcome was avoidable and unnecessary and jeopardizes the goals we all claim to share".