Congressman Capuano Introduces Baggage Fee Fairness Act

May 25, 2010

Today Congressman Mike Capuano introduced the Baggage Fee Fairness Act, which would require airlines to refund baggage fees if the luggage is lost, damaged or delayed in reaching its destination.

"Many airlines now charge a fee for checked luggage. It is a simple matter of fairness to refund that fee to consumers if the airline has not fulfilled its commitment to transport the luggage to its intended destination in a timely fashion and without damage," stated Congressman Capuano, a member of the House Committee on Transportation. The legislation would require a refund no later than 30 days after the arrival of a passenger's flight.

The Baggage Fee Fairness Act would also require a more prominent disclosure of baggage fees when consumers are obtaining ticket pricing information on the internet or over the phone.

"Consumers often receive an unpleasant surprise when checking their bags at the airport when the ticket they thought was the best value didn't include the cost of luggage and they must pay additional fees. In the interest of transparency and competition all fees should be readily available when researching ticket prices," stated Congressman Capuano. The legislation, which has 26 co-sponsors, was referred to the House Committee on Transportation.

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