Capuano Introduces Legislation to Expand Protection for "Look-Alike" Health Centers

May 17, 2007

Congressman Capuano recently introduced the "Protecting Every Health Center Act of 2007" which extends Federal Tort Claims (FTCA) medical malpractice coverage to health care entities that are known as Federally Qualified Health Center "Look-Alike" facilities. These health centers provide vital health care services to medically underserved and uninsured Americans and assist all patients regardless of ability to pay. They are similar to federally qualified health centers in most ways, but because they do not receive federal grant funds, they are not currently eligible for FTCA coverage.

This legislation will allow look-alikes to receive malpractice coverage under FTCA, provided that the facility meets the same strict risk management and provider training requirements that other health centers under FTCA must meet. This will allow the look-alike facilities to redirect money currently spent on malpractice insurance into expanding and improving patient care for the underserved.

"This is a simple technical adjustment that will translate into tangible patient benefits, improving access to care in many underserved communities," stated Congressman Capuano.


Contact: Alison M. Mills (617) 621-6208