NTSB Agrees to Investigate Big Dig Accident, Sends Team to Boston

July 14, 2006

Congressman Mike Capuano, a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, released the following statement today regarding his request to have the National Transportation Safety Board conduct an immediate investigation of Monday's tragic accident in the CA/T and to conduct a full review of the entire project:

"Yesterday I asked the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to immediately bring in a team to investigate the recent tragic accident in Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project. The entire Massachusetts Congressional Delegation joined me in this effort. Last night, the NTSB confirmed that they would investigate the accident and issue a report detailing their findings. Additionally the NTSB responded to our letter this afternoon detailing the steps they are taking. They have dispatched their team of civil engineers and the Director of their Office of Highway Safety to Boston. I thank the NTSB for their prompt response to our urgent request."

"It is critically important that we discover what went so terribly wrong on Monday evening. In order to reassure the public that it will never happen again, we must also be confident that the entire CA/T project is safe. The only way any of us can reach that conclusion is to conduct a thorough review of the entire project. That effort must include officials who are independent from the CA/T project. The NTSB has informed us that they do not have the capacity to conduct the wide-scale investigation that must occur in order to reach conclusions about the safety of the CA/T Project. However, in addition to conducting an immediate independent investigation of the fatal accident, the NTSB has pledged their technical expertise as this process moves forward."

"Today, I spoke with the Department of Transportation Inspector General's Office (DOT IG) to discuss their role in the oversight and coordination of an investigation. The scope of their involvement will be determined in the days ahead. I have also spoken with several legislative leaders and will be speaking with other federal agencies that may be able to provide an independent and professional analysis of the CA/T. I will also consider filing federal legislation if it becomes necessary to ensure an independent review."


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