Capuano Blasts Massport's Demand Management Plan

May 20, 2004

Today Congressman Mike Capuano sent the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) a letter criticizing Massport's proposed Demand Management Program for Boston's Logan Airport and asked the FAA to inform Massport that no federal money can be used on its proposed runway until a workable Demand Management Plan is in place.

"It is clear that this plan does not represent a good faith effort by Massport to implement either the Federal Aviation Administration's Record of Decision (ROD) regarding proposed runway 14/32 or the decision rendered by Suffolk Superior Court Judge Margot Botsford on November 18, 2003," Congressman Capuano wrote.

Massport's plan calls for a $150 surcharge on planes choosing to fly during peak travel times, a fee that is too low to be effective. "No objective person could honestly believe that the proposed $150 fee is adequate. If one conservatively assumes that an average commercial flight hosts 100 passengers, each paying an average of $200, that $150 fee seems inconsequential," wrote Congressman Capuano.

Congressman Capuano also raised concerns because Massport's plan will only go into effect when the average delay reaches 15 minutes over a period of three hours. "When the average delay required to trigger peak period pricing - 15 minutes - is coupled with the necessity of occurring over a span of three hours, I question whether Massport is setting up a program intentionally designed to never be triggered," wrote Congressman Capuano.

Congressman Capuano called on the FAA to reject Massport's Demand Management Plan and require the agency to submit a more meaningful proposal.

"This proposal is weak and will do little to impact delays at Logan. Massport should recognize this reality and submit to the FAA a plan that has some chance of actually working," stated Congressman Mike Capuano.


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