Congressman Michael Capuano's Statement on War with Iraq

March 20, 2003

United States' military personnel are now in combat. While I continue to disagree with the President's approach to foreign policy, I strongly support our men and women in uniform. I hope that they are able to return home safely and quickly. My thoughts are with them and their families during these uncertain times.

I remain deeply concerned about the war that President Bush is waging with Iraq. If our goal is to make the world a safer place, then UN inspectors should have been given more time to work, especially since they were making slow but steady progress.

I have grave reservations about the President's doctrine of preemptive war. I understand the need, post 9/11, to anticipate threats to our security, but I do not believe that we had exhausted diplomatic means to disarm Iraq. Military action should always be our last resort.


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