Rep. Mike Capuano Condemns Chinese Government For Treatment of Dr. Yang Jianli

October 17, 2002 -- Today Congressman Mike Capuano condemned the Chinese government for their treatment of Dr. Yang Jianli, President of the Boston-based Foundation for China in the 21st Century, who is being detained in China.

"I join my colleagues today in condemning Beijing for its prolonged detention of Dr. Yang Jianli. His important work in human rights advocacy is widely recognized by the international community. The Chinese authorities are withhholding information about his whereabouts as well as information about his arrest on April 18th. He is being denied access to his wife and children, who are citizens of the United States. I am outraged at China's persecution of Dr. Yang and its blunt violations of human rights time and time again", stated Congressman Capuano.

President Jiang Zemin of the People's Republic of China will meet with President Bush next week in Crawford, Texas. Rep. Capuano asked the President to vigorously protest the prolonged detention and persecution of Dr. Yang.

"We must emphasize to the People's Republic of China that our relations, whether economic, political or cultural, hinge on our mutual commitment to all principles of liberty, freedom and human rights," stated Congressman Capuano.