Reps. Capuano and Frank Announce Progress on Muddy River Funding

June 28, 2001 -- Congressmen Michael Capuano and Barney Frank announced that the 2002 funding bill for the Army Corps of Engineers passed today by the House of Representatives includes $600,000 for engineering and design work on the Muddy River restoration project. The two lawmakers have worked jointly over the past few years with Senators Kennedy and Kerry and the late Congressman John Joseph Moakley to secure over $4 million in funding from several federal agencies for the project, including $500,000 in the 2001 Army Corps appropriations bill. After winning passage in 2000 of legislation authorizing the Corps to proceed with the project, the Congressmen and Senators have been focusing on ensuring that the necessary funding would be provided.

"I'm pleased that the House of Representatives has put us on the way toward securing Muddy River planning money for a second consecutive year," Frank said. "This project is important because it will both reduce the likelihood of flooding in the parts of Brookline and Boston that border the river, and help restore the river and its banks and surrounding parkland to a more healthy environmental state. I look forward to continued collaboration with Congressman Capuano and the state and municipal officials and other community activists who have made this project a high priority in the effort to ensure that it continues to move forward."

"These additional funds ensure that work will continue on this important restoration project," Capuano said. "The Muddy river is a vital natural and historic resource. One day, it will no longer present a flooding problem to the surrounding neighborhoods, but instead will be an attractive and inviting destination for families."

Frank and Capuano urged key members of the House Appropriations Committee to include the $600,000 in planning funds in the 2002 funding bill. The Senate must also act on the legislation before it can be sent to the President for his signature. Final action on it is not expected until the fall.