House Passes Capuano Resolution In Support of "Italian-American Heritage Month"

October 24, 2000 -- Today, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution sponsored by Congressman Michael Capuano supporting the month of October as "Italian-American Heritage Month".

"Italian-Americans have made significant contributions economically, culturally and politically to our society. Amerigo Vespucci and Christopher Columbus were some of the first explorers to discover the American continents and illustrate the geography. Italian-Americans have won prestigious prizes, such as the Nobel Prize, the Pritzker Award for architecture, and the Fields Medal for mathematics," stated Rep. Mike Capuano.

Today over 26 million Americans of Italian descent live in the United States, making them our country's fifth largest ethnic group.

"Italians and Italian-Americans invented many devices that are integral parts of our lives from calendars and eye glasses to batteries. We have been entertained by Hall of Fame baseball player Joe DiMaggio and singer/songwriter Frank Sinatra. Our country's political process has also been enriched by individuals like Anthony Celebrezze (the first Italian-American Cabinet member) and Antonin Scalia (the first Italian-American Supreme Court justice)," continued Rep. Mike Capuano.

Last October, the Massachusetts State Legislature passed a provision observing the month of October as "Italian-American Heritage Month". Rep. Capuano's resolution supports the goals and ideas of Italian-American Heritage Month nationwide, and recognizes the significant contributions Italian-Americans have made to our country.