8th District Congressman Michael E. Capuano Remembers Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

April 26, 1999 -- On Wednesday, April 21, 1999, Congressman Michael E. Capuano spoke at the Congressional Observance of the Armenian Genocide to commemorate the 84th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Over 30 Members of Congress and 200 Armenian-Americans attended the event. Local Watertown members of the Armenian National Committee of America, led by Grace Kehetian-Kulegian, were also present.

A Member of the Congressional Armenian Caucus, Capuano is also an original cosponsor of a resolution honoring the memory of the victims of the Armenian genocide and calling for the United States to encourage the Republic of Turkey to acknowledge and commemorate the atrocity committed against the Armenian population by the Ottoman Empire.

The history of the Armenian people is filled with tragedy. From 1915 to 1923, the Ottoman Empire killed more than 1.5 million Armenians, and displaced another 500,000. Despite concrete evidence, Turkey still refutes the crimes committed against the Armenian people by the Ottoman Empire. Today many Armenians, continue to suffer from the blockades imposed by Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Congressman Capuano submitted an official statement for the record to further demonstrate his solidarity for the Armenian community during this solemn day. He proclaimed that "as a member of the Congressional Armenian caucus, I will continue to work with my colleagues and with the Armenian-Americans in my district. Together we will demand more accountability from Azerbaijan and Turkey for their persistent bullying of their neighbor and search for a way to end the Armenian people's suffering. We must continue to be vigilant, we must preserve the cultural history of Armenians, and we must work towards ending crimes against all humanity."