Capuano Asks EPA to Oppose Runway 14/32

April 7, 1999 -- Today 8th District Representative Mike Capuano asked John DeVillars, Regional Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, to advise against approving construction of runway 14/32 when he submits comments to the Federal Aviation Administration.

In a letter, Capuano asked DeVillars to review the "proposal's adverse and disproportionate impact upon low-income and minority communities."

Capuano stressed that the permanent negative impact on the communities surrounding Logan would be far too great. "The state's proposal. . .would reconfigure air traffic at Logan in such a way as to impose a severe, adverse environmental impact upon many of Greater Boston's communities that are already over-burdened with airplane noise," he stated.

Massport's Draft Environmental Impact Statement is currently available for public comment. The EPA will be making a recommendation to the FAA relative to the environmental impact of the proposal during this comment period.

A complete text of Congressman Capuano's letter is attached.