Mike on Energy and the Environment

There is overwhelming scientific consensus that the earth is warming, this trend will worsen, and human activity is largely to blame. We must meet the challenge of global warming in ways that protect both our planet and our economy. I reject the charge that jobs must be sacrificed to environmental goals. New energy sources and new industries should generate employment and if we do not act, global warming will worsen with each new generation.

I am very concerned about the actions that the Trump Administration has made and has pledged to make with respect to the environment. It is troubling that action to address climate change does not seem to be a priority.

The United States must move to a climate-friendly economy as cost-effectively and as quickly as possible. In the long term, we must fundamentally transform the way we power the global economy, and our goal must be to steadily reduce our reliance on coal and oil. Instead, we must adopt clean sources of energy that can provide the power we need without endangering our climate. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration is not taking action to meet those goals. In fact, in many instances, they are taking the opposite approach.

During my tenure in Congress, I have worked to promote energy efficiency, encourage the development of renewable energy sources, and increase conservation. It is also important to support climate change research and develop standards for measuring greenhouse gas emissions so we can better understand historic climate change and analyze future events.

The Trump Administration is pledging numerous cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, from staffing reductions to program eliminations. I will do everything I can to preserve the mission of the EPA.